The Galaxy Gear Will Cost £110 More In The UK Than in the US

By Chris Mills on at

Once again, the little currency-conversion elves have struck. Rather than charging the same (already high) price for their new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung's just TipEx-ed out the dollar sign, meaning this season's least fashionable watch will run you £299, or about £110 more than it would if Samsung could do maths.

The pricing comes courtesy of a pre-order site for the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note smartwatch, spotted by SamMobile. The pricing also seems to be corroborated by a pre-order page on Clove, a mobile phone seller, which lists the Gear thingy for £282.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and this particular wearable cloud is no exception. If you order the gigantic Note 3 (£649 in the UK, or $729 and 99 shiny cents in the US) and the Galaxy Gear (£299, or $299 in the US of A) together, you can get the bundle for the low, low price of £848, actually saving yourself a whole £100!

Self-castrating your dignity has never been so cheap. [SamMobile, Clove]