The Magic of Science Keeps This Desk From Falling Over

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Looking for a desk that's impervious to spills, dents, and, apparently,  the laws of gravity? Designer Paul Cocksedge seems to have defied everything we know about physics with his wonderful rolled steel Poise table, which looks like it's perpetually ready to fall over.

But thanks to some wonderful design and engineering, enough of the table's 453 kilogram mass is located towards its base. Which means that not only can it easily support a computer and all the usual desktop accoutrements, you can even stand on one end without it even beginning to topple. Paul's only making ten of them, though, so expect to pay dearly for his creation, and probably even more to have it shipped to your office. [Paul Cocksedge Studio via MoCo Loco]

The Magic of Science Keeps This 1,000 Pound Desk From Falling Over