The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

You can spend months job hunting without getting so much as a confirmation email. Imagine my surprise when I got two callbacks an hour apart, asking me to advance to the next stage. I was shocked to say the least. The thing is, it meant I had to get off my unemployed arse and get a haircut, something I really don't want to do. So I did some procrastinating and went off to find some of this week's newest apps for your lovely selves. But sadly BBM is not one of them.


iPhone Apps

Grand Theft Auto iFruit: Official companion app to this year's top selling game (so far). iFruit allows you to walk your imaginary dog, modify your ingame car, and provides news and social features. A must for any GTA fan. [Free]

100 Cult Films - BFI Screen Guides:  The British Film Institute has created this lovely app to showcase the best influential and cult films in cinema history. Search by genre, year of release, directors and actors. Better yet it includes a collection of stills and trailers to quench your film needs. A must for any film fan. {£2.99]

The Good Pub Guide 2014: Everybody loves a good pub and this updated guide to Britain's pubs is the perfect way to find one. Search for pubs, read reviews, and share your findings with your friends! [£4.99]

Women's Health 28-Day Fat Blaster: Beach season may be over but that shouldn't spoil any weight-loss aspirations you may have. The 28 day plan consists of 30 minute sessions to help boost your metabolism, burn off fat and build up muscle. But remember guys, just because it's by Women's Health doesn't mean it won't work for the men too. [£1.99]

Mary Berry:  It's that time of year, Christmas is coming. Even though it's September. What are we, a supermarket? Anyway, this app from Mary Berry of The Great British Bakeoff fame will be guaranteed to have our cooking sorted with 15 Christmas themed recipes, including apricot and chestnut stuffing, turkey gravy and a good old fashioned roast turkey. [£1.99]


iPad Apps

Infinity Blade III: The conclusion to the award winning Infinity Blade trilogy. Choose one of two characters and fight your way through the campaign and uncover the mysteries of the fabled Infinity Blade. [£4.99]

Disney Infinity - Toy Box: Disney's answer to the Skylanders series. Toy Box is the companion app to the console game showing off the game's 'toy box mode.' Build your own personal playground and then transfer it over to the console. Better yet, you can purchase and play as a wide variety of Disney characters including Mr Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Buzz Lightyear. [Free until October 15th]

Paprika:  A nice little recipe manager, Paprika lets you search and download recipes from the vast interwebs. Not only that but it can scale recipes based on how many people are eating, and includes a shopping list function so you can make a note of what you need. [£2.99]

Hamlet - Explore Shakespeare: School's back in session and for many an English lesson that means more Shakespeare (*elongated sigh*). Thanks to Cambridge University Press it can be that tiny bit less tedious. The app includes visuals, commentary and even a live performance, all to help you understand the mad Danish prince's play. [£9.99]

Crowded Fiction: Interactivity in games is great isn't it? Why can't you have that with a book? Crowded Fiction attempts to change that. Swipe your way through a fist fight, steer your way through a car chase. All through literature. [Free]


Android Apps

Dumb Ways to Die: You may remember the video, well now it's an app! Dumb Ways to Die consists of 15 mini games that involve saving an assortment of characters from stupidity related deaths. Can you beat the high scores? [Free]

Chirp: Is sharing files via Bluetooth too basic or quiet for you? Then maybe Chirp is the app for you. With a clever system Chirp is able to send data between devices via sound. Novelty? Sure. Interesting and fun to show off to friends? Absolutely. [Free]

Photo Mix +: Ever felt annoyed that you could only look at or display a single picture at a time? I bet that's pretty annoying. Photo Mix + can change that. This handy little tool will let you select photos from your phone's gallery and stick them together as a collage. With a variety of filters and backgrounds it is guaranteed to jazz up your existing photos. [Free]

Foap: Foap isn't like other social photography apps, this bad boy gives you the opportunity turn your photos into cash. You can take and upload to your own personal portfolio, which will get you $5 (about £3) every time someone licenses your work, or you can enter photos into 'competitions' (sort of) which could net you a big cash prize. It's stuck in the currency from the former colonies, but money is money, right? [Free]

Learnist: Another entry into the 'learn stuff' app category, Learnist is a personalised tool that lets you learn what you want, when you want. Read about thousands of topics in dozens of categories with material curated from places like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google Books. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Youtube Downloader Free: One of the great things about having a Windows phone, compared to having an Android phone, is that you can get the apps Google doesn't want you to have. Such an app is Youtube Downloader. With the ability to download videos to your phone you can show your friends the latest cat video without having to worry about those pesky data limits. [Free]

Met Office: Have you ever wondered where the data from the weather forecasts come from? That would be the Met Office, the national meteorological service for the whole of the UK. It has everything your basic weather app would have, with a few added bonuses such as UV levels and interactive maps. So why not cut out the middle man and get your forecasts straight from the source? [Free]

The Sims FreePlay: Everybody loves The Sims, there's no doubting it. Now you get to take those miniature pseudo people around for mobile play on your Windows Phone. This freemium game has all of your basic Sims features, design your characters, build a house and so on. [Free - With in app purchases]

Rightmove: Moving house? Looking to rent or buy? Finding a place to live can be a massive hassle, especially if you're in a rush. Rightmove is there to make the painful transition that bit easier. Search properties across the UK, see the local amenities, view photos and floorplans. This app has everything you would want in a property search, and all there in the palm of your hand. [Free]

WordBook: WordBook is your basic run of the mill dictionary/thesaurus combo. Unfortunately for the purists out there, it would be quite hard to carry an extensive paper copy around everywhere because the damn things are so big. Smartphones save the day again! Now you can look up words on the go without having to fiddle with a web browser. [£2.29]


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