The World's Thinnest Keyboard Is Just Half a Millimetre Thick

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You know how papers can mysteriously go missing amongst the sea of documents strewn about your desk? The same thing could soon happen to your keyboard, thanks to the work of UK-based research firm CSR. It's developed a touch keyboard that measures less than half a millimetre thick, making it the perfect accessory for a similarly thin tablet — if you can find it.

Revealed at IFA in Berlin, the keyboard is actually custom-printed onto a large touchscreen surface that can also be used for navigation, so it serves as an all-in-one interface device. And the use of an ultra-low power version of Bluetooth means a bulky battery isn't needed that could take away from the keyboard's svelte form factor.

Don't toss your current keyboard just yet, though. CSR's creation won't be available to consumers for at least a year. And even then, it will most likely be offered to OEM and other manufacturers first so they can integrate it into their existing products. In the meantime, you'll definitely want to brush up on your touch typing skills. [CSR via The Guardian]

The World's Thinnest Keyboard Is Just Half a Millimeter Thick