There's No Way 100 Million People are Using Samsung's ChatOn IM App, Right?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you ever sent a message from Samsung's ChatOn instant messaging service? Or evenĀ receivedĀ one? Me neither, which makes it hard to believe that an incredible 100 million people now make up its "global subscriber base".

That figure, of course, is according to Samsung, who are citing China and India as the key markets for ChatOn, which may go someway to explaining the suspiciously high numbers. Admittedly, it's been baked in to pretty much every smartphone Samsung have put out since October 2011, from Bada to Windows Phone devices, and is available in app form across all major smartphone platforms, as well as being available on desktop computers, which can't hurt either.

Of those 100 million, Samsung are staying tight-lipped over how many are active users, and how many were duped into signing up during their phone's set-up process. That's not to say it doesn't have a few nifty features though, with drag-and-drop media sharing chief among them.

Still, considering the huge number of people logging into WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and BBM every day here in the UK, I'd be surprised if many of those 100 million call these fair shores home.

But feel free to correct me! Are you a happy ChatOn user? If so, what's made it your messaging client of choice? And, in the more likely case that you use a rival service, which one do you prefer and why? [Samsung]