This Handheld Robot Uses X-Ray Vision To Painlessly Insert an IV

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Inserting an IV is as common a medical procedure as stitching up a wound, but finding a vein through trial and error means it can still be painful for a patient. Researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem want to change that with a handheld robotic device that uses infrared and electrical sensors to precisely pinpoint a vein and painlessly insert an IV.

Initially created for use on kids where IV insertions can be particularly tricky and painful, the device, called SAGIV, uses an infrared camera and other sensors to accurately identify a usable vein, and then inserts and removes a needle in one quick motion. By intelligently locating a vein under the skin first, the device doesn't need to make multiple, often painful attempts.

As the prototype is further developed and refined, it will eventually be compact enough to be carried by emergency services, allowing them to save time as they treat and prep a patient for transport. [The Hebrew University of Jerusalem via Gizmag]