This Projector Lets You Tweak the Colours of Printed Materials

By Andrew Liszewski on at

For the most part, once something's been printed, a photo, a map, an article, there's not much you can do to change it. For people dealing with visual impairments, that can be a problem. So researchers at Wakayama University in Japan have developed a projector system that allows print materials to be adjusted, even after they're printed.

The system, which can manipulate everything from contrast, saturation, or even the colours, could easily compensate for the way a colour blind user sees the printout. Or, by increasing the contrast, it could make it easier for people with reduced vision to make out letters and words. In its current state the system is a little unwieldy and far from portable, but as projectors get smaller and smaller, it could eventually be incorporated into a handheld system and used anywhere. [DigInfo TV]