Those Standalone Star Wars Movies Will Be Origin Stories

By Casey Chan on at

Even if you're unsure if you want more Star Wars movies, Disney is going to start shoving them down your eyeballs come 2015. Along with the upcoming trilogy, Disney had previously confirmed that there would be spin off Star Wars movies as well. Now Disney says those spin off films will be 'origin stories' for its Star Wars characters. Which character do you want to see?
This news comes from Disney CFO Jay Rasulo, so it's not like he's involved with the creative side but he certainly is going to squeeze as many dollars as possible from the franchise. Variety reported:

Rasulo also noted that one “Star Wars” trilogy film or “origin story film” would also appear on the release schedule each year, starting with the seventh installment in the “Star Wars” saga that J.J. Abrams will direct and Disney releases in 2015.

At least we have a few years to get ready for the Star Wars onslaught. [Variety]