Three Prices-up iPhone 5S -- Minimum Spend is £99 Upfront and a £37 a Month Tariff

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK mobile network Three has joined EE and O2 in announcing its pricing for the iPhone 5S, revealing there's going to be a minimum upfront fee of £99 regardless of which option you take. The good news is, unlimited mobile data's then yours for £37 a month..

If you take the cheapest 16GB iPhone 5S, that £99 upfront fee applies, plus the entry level £37 a month contract gets you 500 calling minutes, 5,000 SMS messages and the company's amazingly popular unlimited mobile data allowance.

If you want to upgrade that to the network's One Plan, a £41 monthly fee then gives you a stonking 2,000 minutes in addition to the unlimited data and 5,000 text messages.

The 32GB iPhone 5S is £42 and £46 on those same contract options, while the 64GB model rises to £47 and £51. Both these larger models also come with the £99 upfront fee. [Three]