Video Claims to Show New iPad With Smaller Body, Same Screen Size

By Jamie Condliffe on at

There have been rumours floating around for a while suggesting that the new iPad will be more like the current iPad miniand now a video claiming to show off a 5th generation iPad seems to reinforce those claims.

The video, uploaded by Unbox Therapy, shows off a new, empty iPad casing and compares it to the current iPad. If, and that's a pretty big if, the part is real, then the new iPad could be quite a lot slimmer than the current model. In fact, a whole two thirds of an inch, made possible by slimmer side bezels like those found on the mini. The video also seems to show that the device looks a little thinner than the current model, too.

Of course, this rumour needs to be taken with a fairly sizeable pinch of salt, but it seems likely that Apple might want to put the iPad on a diet. Sadly, it currently seems unlikely that the 10th September Apple event announced yesterday will show off a new iPad: Bloomberg has suggested that refreshed iPads will be announced at a separate event later this year. You're in for a wait. [Unbox Therapy via Verge]