What Upcoming Tech Gadget Are You Most Excited For?

By Casey Chan on at

So we talked about smartwatches this entire week; we'll talk about the next iPhone and different colour options all of next week, and we'll eventually start seeing if the upcoming iPad and iPad Mini are worth a damn next month which will give way for a conversation about the Xbox One, PS4, Kinect, rumbling triggers and DualShock 4s before the holidays.

Oh and we can't forget about the Nexus 5 and whatever else Google has up its sleeve. Sprinkle in different sentences about whatever new buzzy laptop or new black puck or maybe even an amazing TV and well, there are a lot of things going on right now in our shiny gadget world.

Will smart watches create a whole new category of gadgets? Have you been waiting to upgrade your tablet? It's a long time between video game console releases. Perhaps you've been saving for the Tesla Model X. Or Google Glass. Or maybe it's just some GPS unit you've got your eye on or pair of headphones you've been wanting. What are you guys most excited for?