Would You Trade-in Your Hypothetical iPad for a Surface, Like Microsoft Suggests?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Say you own an iPad. Say you also, for some bizarre reason, think you might be better off with a Microsoft Surface. Would you switch? Would you switch if Microsoft bribed you with around £130 to trade-in an old iPad and make the change?

That's the idea behind a Microsoft US initiative, which is gifting iPad users $200 should they decide to, ahem, "upgrade" to a Surface tablet. The scheme sees Microsoft offering to take an iPad 2, iPad 3 or (The New) iPad 4 in exchange for at least $200 in store credit gift cards, which can then be spent on buying a Surface RT or Surface Pro -- or anything else within the Microsoft Store.

Perhaps it just wants to kit its offices out with iPads on the cheap? [Microsoft via Techradar]