Xbox 360 Games Are Your "Xbox One Impending!" Firesale of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

The launch date of the Xbox One has finally been confirmed as 22nd November, but Microsoft still wants to extract as much cash out of 360 users before then -- so they're having a SALE!

Yes, there's between 50 per cent and 75 per cent off a whole host of arcade games, DLC and games on demand in the Xbox Live Marketplace right now, with fresh titles set to arrive next week. There are far too many to list here but your Call Of Duties and your Skyrims are in there. It'll all help you stop yearning for the One for a little while.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Range of great kids' films at Cineworld this weekend -- only £1.00.
- Metro Last Light (PC) -- only £13.99.
- Paris/Brussels return -- just £59.00.
- Bioshock Infinite (PS3/Xbox360) -- yours for £17.99.
- MSI overclocked Radeon HD 7950 AMD graphics card 3GB + 3 Free games -- Only £185.75 @ Scan
- Zelda Windwaker Ganondorf Collectors Edition (Wii U) -- £54.99 with code.

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