You Can Finally Download BBC iPlayer Programs on Android

By Sam Gibbs on at

Having taken what seems like forever to match its iOS counterpart, the BBC's iPlayer app for Android can now download shows for offline viewing, at last.

You'll be able to download and keep shows for 30 days, and you have 7 days to finish watching them once you've started. The current list of officially supported devices stands at 11, although you might be able to get it to work on others.  Here's the full list:

1 ) Amazon Kindle 8.9

2 ) Asus Nexus 7 Mark I

3 ) Asus Nexus 7 Mark II

4 ) HTC One

5 ) LG Nexus 4

6 ) Samsung Galaxy S2

7 ) Samsung Galaxy S3

8 ) Samsung Galaxy S4

9 ) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7"

10 ) Samsung Google Nexus 10

11 ) Sony Xperia Z (phone)

So, happy days for Nexus and Samsung users. The app update is live now, so check for updates before you head off home for the day and you might have something to keep you amused on your commute. And if anyone manages to install it on a device not officially supported, let us know how it goes in the comments. [BBC]