10,000 Phones Stolen in London Every Month as Police Announce Crackdown

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're reading this on a smartphone (...that doesn't belong to you, over the shoulder of your next robbery victim) then, douchebag, you'd better think again -- a Met Police crackdown on mobile phone theft is aiming to take scum like you down.

With the Met Police releasing figures that personal thefts have risen in London 12 per cent, it's becoming plainly clear that smartphone owners are the most likely to be targeted, with a staggering 10,000 mobile devices grabbed each month. Men take the brunt of all hold-ups, while women are more likely to be targeted by sneaky thieves, with the 20 to 30 age range the most affected.

In an effort to curb the techy crimewave, the Met will be launching an operation making use of some 5,000 police officers, including dog handlers, as they look to smash rings of thieves and stolen goods fences. A small reassurance then for citizens of the capital, but play it safe all the same -- don't parade around with your shiny new iPhone if you can help it, don't leave it in a bag or back pocket within easy reach of a pickpocket, and pay extra care when out at night or on cramped London transport. [BBC]

Image Credit: The theft from Shutterstock.com