AAA+++ TOP BUYER Feedback For New 1-Hour Delivery eBay Plans

By Gerald Lynch on at

Twiddling your thumbs while your await the eBay delivery of your new "TAXIDERMY LARGE DOG FACE BAT SKELETON BAT" could soon become a thing of the past, as a new start-up purchase by the online auction house sees it planning to bring a 1-hour delivery service to the UK.

eBay have just announced the acquisition of Shutl, a delivery service that the company hopes will help it face off competition from Amazon's similar speedy courier services. Shutl delivery will be offered when both the seller and the buyer are located within close proximity to each other, with Shutl already working alongside brands such as Schuh and Argos. Though it's set to be a pricey service (Shutl's established delivery deals see as much as £6.99 added on top for ASAP courier call-outs), considering they've managed to unite parcel and purchaser within just 14 minutes before, that's not a bad deal. [BBC]