Adidas Is Peddling a £250 Smartwatch To Make You Run Better

By Leslie Horn on at

Adidas is the latest company to hop on the ever-growing smartwatch train. It just showed off its fitness wristwear, which goes on sale November 1 for a whopping $400 in the US (around £250 here, but that's not taking into account taxes and inflation).

The watch is a standalone device—you won't use it with your phone or tablet. It has sensors to figure your pulse and GPS to track your route, and is also equipped with Bluetooth, which you could use to pair with wireless headphones and can send you training cues like your pace and distance, for example.

Other details about what it will actually do to make you more fit haven't been announced yet. While Adidas says it's more of a "running watch" than a full-on smartwatch, that price is still a whole lot to drop on a piece of workout wristwear. [SlashGear]