Amazon's Smartphone Could Have You Gesture-Waving to its 3D Cameras

By Mike Carrington on at

You don't have to be a dearstalker-wearing heroin addict to figure out that Amazon has an iPhone-rival in the works. From its growing app ecosystem to its well-received tablet line-up, a smartphone is the missing link in Amazon's arsenal at the moment. And it seems the online retail giant wont be content to just follow the crowd when it comes to interface design.

A fresh batch of rumours from Apple Insider's Asian sources claims that Amazon are in talks with compact camera manufacturers. While the obvious link here would be for a decent rear camera module, the site interestingly claims that Amazon is looking to put four small camera sensor units into each corner of the device. With them, the phone will be able to recognise its user as a 3D object, and will be able to accept 3D gestures with which to navigate its user interface.

Elsewhere the phone has a strong-if-standard list of rumoured specs, from a 13MP rear camera to a 4.7-inch HD display driven by a speedy Snapdragon 800 processor, pencilled in for an early 2014 launch. But it's this unique control system which, if Amazon can pull it off, will separate the device from the competition. [Apple Insider]