Apple Hilariously Called the Gold iPhone 5S 'The Kardashian Phone'

By Casey Chan on at

As Apple was prepping the perfectly glitzy hue of the goldpagne iPhone 5S, the phone was being referred to as "the Kardashian phone" inside Apple according to NY Times reporter Nick Bilton. Yes, that would be the same Kardashian as notorious iPhone auteur Kim and her well manicured yet totally overexposed family. Which means yes, Apple was completely aware of how ridiculous the goldpagne iPhone was going to be.

TechCrunch also confirmed that the Kardashian phone was a real nickname that was bandied about in and around Cupertino. The name was obviously used in jest and not in any ways official (which should be obvious!) but it's nice to see Apple poke fun of itself every now and again.

To be completely thorough, it doesn't seem like Kim K is using a gold iPhone 5S (unless it's cased) in the picture above. [@nickbilton]