iPhone Trade-In Scheme Hits UK Apple Retail Stores, Helping You Buy More iPhones

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've got an old iPhone which, going by the cult-like fanaticism Apple fans show towards the Cupertino company's products, probably means you'd really, really like one of the new iPhones now instead.  Making it easier than ever to wrestle cash from your bank account, Apple retail stores are now offering instore credit towards a shiny new 5S or 5C if you bring your crusty old iPhone in to trade.

It's a service that's been available through Apple's online channels for some time now, but was inexplicably absent from the company's brick-and-mortar stores in the UK until today. If, of course, you're looking to make the jump to a new Android phone, stick with eBay or an independent trade-in store -- your kind isn't welcome in Apple land. [Apple]