Apple Wins Patent Battle Over 20 Critical "Steve Jobs" Smartphone Concepts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Generals observing the patent war believe Apple has just won a crucial battle, thanks to the US patent office confirming the strength of 20 patents registered by Apple. Including the "Steve Jobs Patent" that set the blueprint for touch interfaces, this 20 are seen as key to winning the smartphone war.

Patent enthusiasts have discovered that the US patent office issued something known as a "reexamination certificate" covering the key 20 patents in September, which confirms the fact that these inventions, and the patents covering them, are legally solid. This means defences from the likes of Samsung and the Google/Motorola unit are less likely to succeed, and may open the Android makers to the dread possibility of having to yield and actually pay licensing fees to Apple. [FOSS Patents via Techradar]