Apple's £25 iPhone Cable Cash Cow Might be Chopped by New EU MicroUSB Law

By Gary Cutlack on at

The way Apple goes it alone in offering the only smartphone on the market without a MicroUSB connector might soon be coming to a forceful end, with the EU planning a fresh push to enforce its universal charger dream.

Apple's previously skirted this ruling by offering massively expensive standalone cables and adaptors to do the job of offering MicroUSB connectivity on iOS devices to appease EU treaty makers, but MEPs are now proposing a new law to force makers to ensure complete cable interoperability to reduce waste. And, presumably, one specifically written to stop Apple being awkward.

There's currently a voluntary agreement to standardise cables and chargers in place across the EU, which is why most phones sold today come with MicroUSB cables. Despite signing the voluntary agreement back in 2009, Apple believes pricey adaptors and proprietary cables are enough to get it off the hook. The new EU law might change that. [MacWorld via NeoWin]