ASA Gives EE a Slap on the Wrist Over "Misleading" Coverage Maps (Updated)

By Gerald Lynch on at

EE has been given a good old telling off by the Advertising Standards Authority after the regulator deemed that the network's coverage maps were "misleading".

The network will have to make it clearer on its coverage map checker that the service only offers estimated coverage quality, following complaints from customers stating that EE's coverage map inaccurately informed them before making a purchase that local data coverage would be top notch when in reality it was a bit rubbish.

Stating that the coverage checker is already regulated by Ofcom, and that it only offers a "predicted" view of a new customer's network experience, EE conceded that it will add a clearer disclaimer alongside it in the future. In the network's defence, so many factors effect localised coverage blackspots, from topography to building structures, that it will probably always face an uphill struggle when it comes to delivering 100 per cent accurate coverage predictions -- hence why a disgruntled customer has 14 days on the network to test the waters without any obligation to extend their contract. [BBC]

Updated: The BBC has since updated its article to remove mention of the coverage checker being regulated by Ofcom, with an EE spokesperson providing us with the following statement:

"The Coverage Checker offers a prediction of our network coverage across the UK. In this instance, we deemed coverage to be Excellent in the postcode as confirmed by testing that found over 98% of the postcode had an excellent signal.

We take on board the ASA's ruling and will amend the disclaimer language as necessary."