Bill Gates to Get the Boot? Pressure Mounts on Him to Step Down as Microsoft Chairman

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ballmer's on his way out of the company, and another Microsoft heavyweight may soon be set to join him. Investors are calling on Bill Gates to step down from his position as chairman of the £170 billion company he co-founded 38 years ago. Show some appreciation, eh?

Three of the company's top 20 investors are out for Gates' blood, and they hold some weight too, collectively holding more than 5 percent of Microsoft's stock. They fear that, with Gates now more focussed on his philanthropic work, he wields power out of proportion to his time spent working directly with Microsoft projects.

There are also concerns that, with the company on the hunt for a new CEO, Gates has too much power on the committee searching for Ballmer's replacement, with Gates in a position to steer the appointment towards someone he can play puppet master over. With Microsoft having lost ground to rivals Apple and Google under Gates' mate Ballmer's leadership, it seems investors wan't more influence over who his successor will be this time around. [Telegraph]

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