Blind (and Stupid) Man Jailed for 85mph Car Chase

By Gary Cutlack on at

A high-speed, five-mile car chase through Sheffield ended with the virtually blind driver stopping his car, getting into the passenger seat and telling local police: "It wasn't me driving. I'm blind."

21-year-old Mulazum Hussain led the police chase through Sheffield, reaching speeds of 85mph in his Vauxhall Corsa (what else?) as he bounced across roundabouts, sped through red lights, rammed a police car and generally drove at a much higher speed that you might expect of a man who can apparently only see "a few feet" ahead of him.

Hussain has been jailed for nine months, after admitting a charge of dangerous driving. He didn't have any insurance, either. But then it's probably quite hard to get car insurance when you're registered as blind. [Metro]

Image credit: UK police from Shutterstock