BPI-Backed "Transmitter" YouTube Channel to Plug the Gap Left by Top of the Pops

By Gerald Lynch on at

Unless you can stomach Jools Holland's honky-tonk interludes on the otherwise-excellent Later... BBC shows, there isn't much opportunity elsewhere to catch live music on TV anymore. And no, we're not counting X-Factor. Live music video has migrated online, a world dominated by bedroom broadcasters and indie-upstarts. And now the major British music labels want a piece of the action.

The BPI have teamed up with online video specialists LoveLive to put together a new YouTube channel called Transmitter. Launching on the 11th November, it's looking to champion the kinds of artists that once would have touted their wares on Top of the Pops; think acts like The Saturdays (pictured) or Tinie Tempah rather than the broad musical canvas upon which Later...paints.

“YouTube has become the most popular place to listen to music online, but until now it hasn't been as easy as it should be for fans to discover new artists and keep up with the latest releases,” said BPI boss Geoff Taylor.

“Transmitter will feature a wide range of the UK's most exciting artists week in, week out in high-quality, original, new programming with a YouTube twist. It's a new way for artists to connect, and it fills the void left by shrinking opportunities for music on TV."

Transmitter will of course also feature built-in purchasing features, with embedded links in videos tied to artist track buying pages.

The BPI's move is a shrewd one, in that YouGov research earlier this year revealed that 77 per cent of 16-24 year olds (the perfect pop demographic) now listen to the majority of their music through YouTube. Whether that audience is on the hunt for industry-pushed content as opposed to the DIY thrills that YouTube is known for remains to be seen.

Image Credit: The Saturdays