The Burberry Boss That Saved the Brand From the Chavs Has Joined Apple

By Gerald Lynch on at

There was a time, not that long ago, when fashion powerhouse Burberry wasn't making as many waves on the catwalk as it was in Britain's council estates. The "chav" brand of choice at the turn of the millenium, it took a decade of savvy marketing to turn the brand around, under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts. And now, announced this morning, Ahrendts has joined Apple.

Ahrendts's role at Apple will be to overlook the expansion and strategic direction of the Cupertino company's retail and online stores, a newly-created role reporting directly to Tim Cook. With the reception to Apple's latest iPhone line suggesting iFatigue may be beginning to kick in for some consumers, Ahrendts's experience with guiding a brand to a position of renewed relevance may also be vital going forward for the Cupertino team.