Cable TV Tech Boss Joins Apple to Help Create "Something Big"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has acquired itself a new employee working under the job title of Engineering Director, with Jean-Francois Mulé apparently now feeling "Challenged, inspired and part of something big" at Apple. Presumably it's the long-awaited iTV streaming set-top box thing Apple fans have been dribbling about for years.

It's a big move for Mulé, whose CV includes working for cable TV company CableLabs, a tech developer that, among its many services, builds hardware and software to help TV companies stream their interactive content to consumers. If he's doing that for Apple, the iTV bombshell might indeed be on the way.

So after watching its tech rivals make quite a mess of launching various competing smart TV products that have all failed to set the world on fire, is Apple about to do its customary thing of entering the market late but doing it better then everyone else? [Apple Insider via The Verge]