Call of Duty: Ghosts Dev Confirms 1080p PS4, 720p Xbox One Versions: Unleash the Fanboys!

By Gerald Lynch on at

I'd hate to be the engineer manning a dedicated gaming website's comments section this morning, as this news could ignite the biggest flame war of all time. Infinity Ward, developers of highly-anticipated cross platform title Call of Duty: Ghosts has confirmed that the game will run at 1080p on Sony's PlayStation 4, and only at a relatively-lowly 720p on Microsoft's Xbox One.

Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin, the game's executive producer, confirmed the rumoured discrepancy with a tweet: "For Xbox One we're 1080p upscaled from 720p. We're native 1080p on PS4. We optimised each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both."

With the next-generation console battle such a closely fought one, this is an important scalp for Sony. The Call of Duty franchise is a console shifter, and the graphical advantage the PS4 will have on the title could sway fence-sitting would-be-next-gen gamers. And While Rubin didn't reveal why the PS4 version is able to hit the higher resolution without issue, the implication will be that it is significantly more powerful than the Xbox One, suggesting better gameplay experiences across the console, at least when it comes to cross-platform titles. [TechRadar]