Cat Wine (Yep, Wine For Cats) Is a Real Thing in Japan

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're fed up with your cat drinking all of your Blue Nun while it's tucking into its evening's helping of Whiskers, your bereft-of-booze blues may be about to draw to a close. Finally, finally, someone's made a bottle of wine just for cats.

B&H Life are the Japanese company (where else?) making the bubbly called "Nyan Nyan Nouveau". According to Kotaku, "Nyan Nyan" in Japan refers to both bonking and meowing, a fitting name then considering that's probably what the pissed-up felines will be getting up to after knocking this back. Alas however, the drunken behaviour will likely be the result of a placebo effect, as the Cabernet grape beverage is non-alcoholic. No point taking this with you to the park benches after dark then. [Kotaku]