Chinese Students Building PS4 Consoles at Foxconn in Internships From Hell

By Gerald Lynch on at

Chinese tech super factory Foxconn is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again, after it has been uncovered that it has been using student interns on the production line for Sony's next-gen PlayStation 4 console.

Over 1,000 students from the Xi'an Institue of Technology have been putting together PS4 machines so that there will be enough to go around come Christmas Day, with the students being treated like regular employees -- right down to being dished out nightshifts and overtime, totally against standard internship procedures.

In Foxconn's defence, the manufacturer is said to be giving the students a standard wage for their work. However, with claims circulating that the Xi'an Institute of Technology is witholding course credits unless the students get stuck in at the factory, something fishy is going on beside the internship's negligible benefits to the students' educations. [Xi'an Institute of Technology via Tencent Games via Quartz via Engadget]