Chutney Chaos near Cheddar as Branston Pickle Lorry Sandwiched

By Gerald Lynch on at

Like a pair of savoury star-cross'd lovers, there's an air of universal, destiny-fuelled inevitability about this condiment-charged car crash news. A transport lorry containing a large number of Branston pickle jars crashed just outside of Cheddar, the spiritual home of the nation's staple cheese, resulting in what some are calling the world's largest (metaphoric) Ploughman's Lunch.

The crash on Friday, saw the truck caught (or, if you like, sandwiched) between the low hanging branches of a tree at Shepton Mallet, just a few miles out from the cheesy Somerset village.

No one was hurt, and breadmaker Hovis is said to be sending a large shipment of loaves to help in the clean up operation...