Cockroaches Become the Latest Product to Be Mass-Produced in China

By Gerald Lynch on at

China's industrial might already sees the nation produce everything from cheap plastic toys through to pretty much every lust-worthy gadget going, so sure, why the hell not have it make an army of cockroaches for everyone too, right?

Though it may seem surprising to westerners who see cockroaches as pests, the value of the hardy insects is sky-rocketing in China, where they're used in traditional medicines, cosmetics and as a cheap, protein-packed meal. Some 100 farms across the country are breeding millions upon millions of cockroaches, with a pound of cockroaches worth around £12.50. From an initial investment of about £2, that's a healthy profit from an unsavoury enterprise.

Given the low overheads and high profit margins of cockroach farming, it's a business likely to boom in China over the next few years. But, given it takes practically zero-expertise to set up such a farm, the potential for near-biblical swarms of the critters escaping from amateur breading grounds is frankly horrifying. [LA Times via Gawker]

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