Cold-Callers Watch Out! There's an Ofcom Taskforce Ready to Take You Out

By Gerald Lynch on at

"No I've not had an accident in the last three years, and yes, I'm certain I don't want to take you up on your shady life-insurance offer". Who can save us from these unsolicited cold-callers, interrupting our mid-morning Jeremy Kyle viewing sessions and indadvertedly wearing out our Sky+ pause buttons? What we need is a dedicated, international collective of business practice regulators. A Justice League for stamping out crank callers, if you will.

Sweeping in from the shadows in its finest eBay batsuit is Ofcom, which has today announced that it will be teaming up with analogous regulating authorities from the US and Canada to take on number-spoofers -- the particularly nasty cold callers that use stolen number IDs to pose as legitimate businesses. They're awful, and once you've answered one of their calls, proving you're a real human being, you'll find yourself inundated with calls from no-end of other annoying telmarketing groups. With the dodgy callers based all over the world, this new Ofcom-lead international "taskforce" will be working together, taking these guys down.

"International co-operation is vital in finding effective remedies to the problem of number spoofing. We are thoroughly committed to this joint effort and are determined to put a stop to this harmful practice and take action against those responsible," said Claudio Pollack, consumer group director of Ofcom.

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