Controversial Jam Law Could Send Conserve Fans Underground in Search of Sweeter Hits

By Gary Cutlack on at

The EU is proposing to lower the minimum amount of sugar that needs to be in jam in order for it to be called jam, meaning jams could soon be made with 50 per cent sugar instead of the current 60 per cent required. This horror scenario could have us breakfasting like the savage Europeans, says one horrified MP.

The rule change means we might see the weirder fruit spread products renamed and sold as jams. Although this might be a bit healthier for us all in the long term due to the emerging evil of sugar-high diets and what the refined stuff is doing to all of our livers, it might also mean our breakfasts become a little less exciting.

And this is the sort of stuff that gets our politicians angry. Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt said of the sugar ruling: "If these regulations change, we’ll end up with something much more like the French and German product -- and worse still the Americans -- where they have things a bit like a fruit butter or a fruit spread."

The government intends to back the change in jam rules. 60 per cent jams will still be allowed, so nothing will really change at the premium end of the conserve market. [Mirror]

Image credit: Jam from Shutterstock