Curvy Galaxy Round Phone is Just a Prototype, But Samsung Will Sell It Anyway

By Gerald Lynch on at

We now live in a world in which you can buy a smartphone with a curved glass screen, with Samsung's Galaxy Round hitting South Korean stores. But, in the eyes of its creators, it's just a prototype. Still, whack it on the shelves, eh?

According to insider sources speaking to SamMobile, the device is just being used to test both consumer interest in the technology, and the reliability of such a handset out in the real world. Only an extremely limited number of the handsets will be going on sale, and, priced at somewhere upwards of £620, it might be a bit of a tough sale regardless. It's now looking very unlikely that this particular curved screen phone will be hitting western stores anytime soon. Still, it's just a twisted Galaxy Note 3 without the S-Pen to begin with, so no biggie. [SamMobile]

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