Death's Door PC Market Slumps to Five-Year Low

By Gerald Lynch on at

Yeah, yeah, we know, we've heard it all before: "Tablets are great for games, web browsing and a bit of video streaming, but they'll never replace a proper PC." But the numbers tell a different story, with global PC shipments drooping to a five-year low. Are we truly living through the first days of the post-PC age?

That's what new research from Gartner seems to confirm. Just 80.3 million PCs were shipped around the globe in the three months leading up to September. That's down 8.6 per cent year-on-year. And while Apple's iPad may have been the catalyst for the tablet market boom, it's the cheap Android tablets that are leading the charge in emerging markets that are really hurting traditional PC sales. [Gartner via BBC]

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