Dirty Protest "Brings People Together" at Rolls-Royce Factory

By Gerald Lynch on at

As far as workplace pranks go, smearing shit all over the place isn't the most endearing thing you can do. In fact, it'll probably get you on the fast-track to being sectioned. But a series of dirty protests at the Rolls-Royce factory in Patchway, Bristol, is having an unexpected effect -- it's bringing workers together.

The £75 million facility employs 3,500 people and specialises in aircraft jet engines. And while the culprit has struck at least eight times, production at the factory will have to continue while the scatological revolt is investigated. However, rather than causing outcry at the factory, it's inspired something akin to the Blitz spirit at the plant, with workers noticing a greater sense of community than usual.

“It is really odd and it is the one thing in the factory that everyone is talking about," an anonymous worker told the Bristol Post.

“Whoever is doing this is revolting and disgusting but in a weird sort of way it has brought people together, we all want to see this stopped as soon as possible."

So, budget-tightening office managers, take note. Scrap the team building exercises and just let a willing worker go feral for a few days instead. [Bristol Post]

Image Credit: Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine from