Do Brits Really Hate Using the Internet?

By Gerald Lynch on at

12 year old trolls, unwanted pissed-up Facebook picture tags, over-sharing ex-stalkers, customer service lines for password hacking victims, regenerating pop-up ads, 140-character Tweet wit inadequacy, the constant stream of new WTF? abbreviations to learn, hope-raising lottery win emails from Nigeria: is there anything to like about the internet these days?

Apparently very little if you live in Britain. New research from the Oxford University shows that, despite eight out of 10 people relying on the internet to carry out everyday activities, one in seven Brits secretly hate it.

From cyber-bullying to managing the constant stream of social networking updates that ping in every two seconds, many of the 2,000 interviewed for the report gave reasonable, varied reasons for growing weary of the web. The report also showed a decline in engagement with web staples, from frozen social network service sign-up numbers to (gulp!) fewer blog readers now than two years ago.

But there's good stuff too, right? Like FarmVille and cat pictures and the YouTube comments section and...well, there's something for everyone, at any rate. So what do you make of the report? Is the honeymoon period over? Has web fatigue gripped the nation? Is this the beginning of the end for Nyan cat? [Telegraph]