Dutch Publishers Print Book in (Unsurprisingly Stinky) Squid Ink

By Ross Johnson on at

Something smells fishy... Naar Inkt Vissen is a book of sailors' stories with a difference. Today Designers' 700-book run is bound with industrial fishing wire - and printed using a litre and a half of squid ink.

The 48-page book, containing nautical stories by Menno Smit and Edwin de Voigt, was deliberately made this way so that it would reek. Apparently the strong, fishy stink is meant to be evocative of the content of the book.


I feel sorry for the illustrators - each page was painstakingly drawn with a dip pen. That's 48 pages in 700 books, all filled in by hand. No amount of showers will be able to get that smell out of your clothes.

Actually, scrap that: I feel sorry for the squids. Nobody consulted them on the design process, and according to Today Designers' website, they were subsequently eaten with garlic sauce.

If you'd like to grab one of these unusual publications, they're available here. Just make sure that for the sake of your bookshelf you've got, like, a ziplock freezer bag or something. [Today Designers via Dezeen]