EU Bans Menthol Cigarettes, But Leaves the Door Open for an E-Cig Future

By Gary Cutlack on at

The EU has voted through new laws on smoking, which will see the menthol variety banned from sale. There's good news for fans of e-cigarettes, though, as they've escaped with little more than a tightening on advertising guidelines.

The new EU smoking laws also require 65 per cent of cigarette packs to be covered by health warnings from 2014 (up to 75 per cent coverage was one rejected possibility), although it decided against introducing a requirement of plain packaging or anything as severe as the graphic photos of smoking-related disease victims that some countries are turning to.

As for those tasty meat-flavour electronic cigarettes, they escaped being labelled as a medical product akin to nicotine patches in this latest smoking crackdown, so ought to be able to continue racking up users numbers free from any major new restrictions on manufacturing or sales. [Guardian]