How to Get More Out of Your Jawbone UP Using Third-Party Apps and IFTTT

By Bulent Yusuf on at

So you've got a Jawbone UP. Congratulations. Now you’re rocking the dinky little fitness tracker on your wrist, you're well on the path towards healthier living. But did you know that, in addition to the standard UP app that is used to log your daily movement and sleep cycle (iOS/Android), there's a whole suite of apps to make it even more useful?

That's because Jawbone has thrown open the doors to the UP API. Third-party developers have built a whole range of apps that integrate with the wristband, implementing the data being collected in ingenious ways. The quickest way to access them is from within the UP app itself. Navigate to "Apps" from the main menu and you can browse through each one, including:

Lose It!

Helps you set a daily calorie “budget”, track your food and exercise, and keeps you motivated to make better choices and achieve your fitness goals. Link.


Enables you to use the GPS of your mobile device to track more than 600 fitness activities. Link.


A leading free resource for nutrition and fitness tracking. Link.


Billed as "the personal trainer in your pocket". Claims to make tracking workouts simple, social and fun. Link.


Helps to improve your sleep with proven cognitive and behavioural techniques, personalised using your UP data. Link.


Another app that tracks your activities with GPS, analyses your performance, and compares with friends. Link.


The Withings scales let you track your weight and upload it to UP via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Link.


The Jawbone UP has an impressive roster of third-party apps, but perhaps the single most important app you should download is IFTTT.

It uses a series of conditional statements -- if X then Y -- to automate activity monitoring across corresponding apps. Jawbone has generously got the ball rolling by contributing six "recipes" that are free to use:

1) Log a meal in UP when you post a photo of your food to Instagram with the tag #knowyourself. Link.

2) Automatically log your sleep from UP into Evernote. Link.

3) Log a meal in UP when you check in at a restaurant on Foursquare. Link.

4) Log coffee to UP every weekday (Mon - Fri) at 8:30am. Link.

5) Automatically log your movement from UP to Evernote. Link.

6) Save pictures of the meals you log in UP to Dropbox. Link.

In addition to these "official" recipes, there's at least 500 more IFTTT recipes cooked up by the user community for the UP, some of them useful, some of them quirky. Automatically logging your mood as "exhausted" if you have less than eight hours' sleep a night has limited value, for example. But it means you can get as much use out of the fitness tracker as you will ever need, and then some.

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