Explore the Ghostly Cityscapes of North Korea In this Creepy Timelapse

By Eric Limer on at

Want to visit North Korea? No? Well the Koryo Group—the world's leading DPRK travel specialist—aims to change your mind with this timelapse. Is it working?
We've seen some strange videos of the North Korean otherworld come out before—through the magic of Instagram video—but this timelapse from the Koryo Group gives a more macro (but still weird) glimpse into what seems almost like a different universe. It's a far cry from the bustling urban timelapses you typically see.

From the Koryo Group's description of the video:

Highlights include sunrise over Pyongyang, the views from the Grand People’s Study House (including the new buildings on Changjon Street and the Juche Tower), a petroleum clam barbecue at Nampo, bowling at the Golden Lane Bowling alley, boats at the West Sea Barrage, traditional pansanggi dining in Kaesong, the Kangso Mineral Water Factory, the spectacular Mass Games, and finally a scenic train journey back to China!

The Koryo Group should team up with North Korea's official social media team. But even then, it seems like it'd still be a hard sell. [Koryo Group via Reddit]