Fascinating Photos of the Early Railway Robbers

By Chris Mills on at

Getting your bag nicked on the 8.33 to Waterloo isn't a 21st Century phenomenon -- as long as there's been railways, there've been people waiting in the wings to take care of that unattended luggage for you. British Transport Police have recently released mugshots from the turn of the century of railway thieves, giving a unique insight into the criminals of the time.

The crimes are more or less what you'd expect -- from the opportunistic tea-and-whiskey thieves, to organised parcel-thief gangs. Mind you, there's the requisite comedy convictions, too -- a Royal Artillery officer got arrested in 1920 for indecent exposure, and one unfortunate got locked up for three months for the serious crime of 'loitering'. Take a look at the full gallery on the Independent's website. [Independent]