Gear Glass Headset Could Be Samsung's Answer to Google Glass

By Gerald Lynch on at

Where one leads, others will follow. So it was in the beginning with technology, so it will be in the end. Amen. One company that has become pretty comfortable with following others' leads (and then using their financial and manufacturing might to saturate the market into submission) is Samsung, who look to be following Google Glass with their own augmented reality headset, "Gear Glass".

That's according to on-the-ball analyst Eldar Murtazin, who has a better track record than most with these sort of leaks.

"Samsung developing own version of Google Glass," Murtazin tweeted. "We will see it (probably) around April-May under Gear Glass brand."

The enigmatic Murtazin didn't give away any more information, such as sources or specifications, but the "Gear Glass" naming convention is an interesting one. Does it suggest that Samsung are teaming up with Google for a Samsung-branded version of the standard Glass headset? It's a move that worked with Google's Nexus phones, with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus helping to bring the line into the mainstream. Surely Samsung wouldn't be so bereft of ideas to lift the Glass name in whole and face a potential trademark suit, would they? [Twitter via CNET via TechRadar]