Generation Nexus Can Use Tablets Before They Can Speak

By Gary Cutlack on at

More stats covering the astonishing rise in the use of tablets among kids suggests our toddlers are happily gaming and taking photos of their stressed dads before they can properly speak. Which is fine, as no one talks to each other these days anyway.

Toy maker Vtech claims 29 per cent of the youngest kids are poking their way around tablets and phones before they're able to form a "proper" sentence, with 70 per cent of all kids fully proficient in unlocking devices and accessing the fun stuff before they begin primary school.

But you might want to watch them regardless of how clever they appear, as 13 per cent of the 2,000 parents surveyed said their kids have accidentally dialled 999 at some point. [Metro]

Image credit: Kids and tablets from Shutterstock