Giant Surface Tablet and Dizzee Rascal Ruin Trafalgar Square With Unbearable Levels of PR Cringe

By Chris Mills on at

In the modern era of the over-hyped tech product launch, nothing says 'ad agency out of ideas' quite like paying some poor celebrity a couple grand to turn up to your launch and parrot some crap about work-play synergies and unleashing creative spirit [see: Alicia Keys].

But Microsoft's gone one better with the launch of the Surface 2, combining the PR holy grail of paid-for celebrity, giant comedy product and historic location into one giant trifecta of pure cringe.

The 27ft tablet, which has a working giant Touch Cover to match, was propped up on the steps of Nelson's Column, with Mr Rascal standing in front, sporting the grin of a man earning the easiest money in history. Or maybe he just really loves his Surface 2:

“I’m never in one place for long – whether it’s in the studio, on tour, I’m always travelling about and now I can combine work and play on one device – works for me!”

No one really knows what point Microsoft was trying to make -- maybe they're just ramming home that despite spending more advertising the original Surface than they made in revenue, they've still got giant, comedy-sized 27ft piles of money to burn.