Global Dyson Award Shortlist Includes Fruit Warmers, Robot Arms and 3D Printed Casts

By Gary Cutlack on at

The international 2013 Dyson Award shortlist has been revealed, with 19 new entrants from around the world joining the UK's wave energy thing in battling for the top innovation reward cash pot.

The finalists include a wool polymer called BioWool that turns waste wool into a solid resin, a portable wind generator known as Xarius, a bizarre fruit warmer that harvests waste heat from a fridge, a robotic exoskeleton augmented arm that could make everyone strong, portable oxygen tanks and a device known as Gluco that integrates blood glucose levels with a smartphone app for diabetics.

The actual Mr Dyson will pick a final winner from the ideas bag on November 7th, with the designer picking up £30,000 to help further development and prototyping. [Dyson Awards]