Google "Outraged" by Claims NSA Has Hacked Access to its Cloud Servers

By Mike Carrington on at

Yet more shameful surveillance leaks claim the NSA and our GCHQ have hacked their way into Google and Yahoo's cloud services, with the security agencies said to be able to spy on supposedly secure data sent to users from its data warehouses.

The exact mechanisms of the intercept are unknown. It's possible that the security services may have worked out how to hack connections between Google's own data centres, or the internet backbone operators may have been convinced to install custom hardware or lines to monitor communications.

Either way, the Wall Street Journal seems pretty convinced the UK and US governments have easy access to pretty much everything that goes on in the Google and Yahoo clouds, leading Google's chief legal officer David Drummond to say: "We are outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from our private fibre networks, and it underscores the need for urgent reform." [WSJ via BBC]