We Might Get Fibre-Like Broadband Speeds on the Train From 2015

By Gary Cutlack on at

The sorry state of rail-based internet connections might be about to improve over the next year or six, with the Conservative transport secretary announcing plans to introduce broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps to the majority of rail lines, starting from 2015.

According to transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, the change will also address no-connection blackspots on the network, with the transport boss claiming three-quarters of travellers ought to be able to connect to the new super-fast rail broadband by 2019.

The system will require rail companies to upgrade their fibre lines and onboard technology, plus no mention has been made about any costs to passengers. If it's £6.99 for 30 minutes, we'll stick with flaky 3G, thanks, even in the unlikely event it does manage to hit 50Mbps when everyone's simultaneously iPlayer-ing all the way home. [Metro]

Image credit: Laptop on train from Shutterstock